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On December 28, Mars in Scorpio formed a trine aspect with Neptune in Pisces.


Ms. Neptune in Pisces: Do you believe in some spiritual messages?

Ms. Mars in Scorpio: Yes, I often believe in them.

Ms. Neptune: For example?

Ms. Mars: I’m careful not to cause bad things happen if I injured some of my body parts.

Ms. Neptune: Do you have any other things?

Ms. Mars: Yeah, I have.

Ms. Neptune: For example?

Ms. Mars: When I go to work outside, I often bring my bento, but at the same time I don’t try so hard to bring it with me if I feel fatigue and I want to pack light. Therefore, I occasionally go out to a restaurant during a break and I regard that kind of feeling as a certain spiritual message.

Ms. Neptune: Concretely speaking?

Ms. Mars: For example, I went to lunch at a restaurant during a break. I was guided to an uncomfortable table by a waitress. I wanted to eat a lunch set that was shown on an advertising display, but the waitress said it was sold out when I ordered it. So, I had no alternative but to choose another on the menu. And also, I felt it did not taste that good after I ate it or I went to a rest room to brush my teeth before going back to work, I realized that I forgot my muffler and had to return to pick it up…

Ms. Neptune: What kind of spiritual message do you feel through the events?

Ms. Mars: If I have some negative feelings, it’s also possible that I draw on similar fluctuation of clients. That’s why I should pay more attention to my work than usual in order not to disappoint my clients.



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